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Surf Synergy in Costa Rica

Surf Synergy provides a comprehensive system to develop Surfing and Standup Paddling skills.  Our wholistic approach will immerse you in all facets of these sports to ensure your success as a competent Surfer or Paddler and a better version of yourself, regardless of your experience or fitness level. Our center is designed and oriented to provide world class athletic and wellness tools to everyone who participates in our programs. We believe everyone has the potential and everyone deserves the opportunity and resources to constantly improve in these areas. For our coaches, our client’s success is their success. Our mission is to provide a powerful and enjoyable resource for that process of ongoing development.

In support of our mission, our head coach has developed a unique approach to what has been traditionally conceived as a Surf or SUP camp experience, providing focus and structure for continuing ongoing wellness and physical joy, before, during and after your visit and centered around the amazing experiences on water of Surfing and Standup Paddle Boarding. So he has created an integrated whole-being training system including the technicalities of the sports but also core foundational wellness elements such as breath work, state-of-the-art physical training routines, cryotherapy, mental training, nutrition, and a follow-up take away program of training routines.

“Synergy is a word that has gained more meaning this days. When I read it or hear it, I get a feeling of things working not only together but in balance, of multiple pieces or factors coming together for a common goal. Collaboration, partnership, harmony, rhythm, connection, efficiency… Synergy is an outcome of passionate likeminded people working together for each other and for others.” 

Live music at the resort every Friday night!"