A Formula for Surfing Success

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The Best Surf Spots & Instructors Based on Your Level of Experience

Based on your answers to our experience survey we will cater to your abilities by selecting the spots and instructors best suited to your answers. As you progress, we will gradually choose additional locations to challenge you and help you continue to excel.

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Full Immersion Surf Academy - 4 or 7 Night Surfing Experience 
From Airport Pick Up, to Drop Off

We Pick You Up

 Surf Synergy begins by being greeted by our drivers at the international airport in San Jose.

We Drive You Here

We then shuttle you along a scenic two-hour drive to the small surf town of Jaco Beach.

You Surf

A one of a kind surf coaching experience tailored to your personal goals and needs.


Hear what past guests have to say about us.

First time surfer!

Surfing for the first time was daunting, but I was riding waves on day 1 thanks to Marcel.  Marcel’s knowledge and passion for surfing was evident and constant throughout our lesson.  He provided clear instruction and feedback that allowed me to progress exponentially. I walked away feeling accomplished and wanting more. I couldn’t have asked for a better surfing instructor!


I can't wait to go back!

I had a few short surf lessons in the past, that never really amounted to much surfing skills. After a week surfing with Marcel and the crew I progressed so much! At the end of the week I was riding open faced waves I never dreamed I could of been on before. All I can say is I'm hooked on surfing and I can't wait to go back next year, and maybe one day do the surf excursions. That boat looks amazing! ;) !

Alex Leaming

Perfect place to learn surfing!

David is THE best surf instructor you could ever wish for! He is so patient, gives great feedback and is so encouraging! When he sends you on a wave and you catch it he gets so excited for you, which makes you want to try even harder. We also had a couple of other surf instructors on days we were a bigger group and those instructors where all great too!


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