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Consistent waves all year round and friendly tropical environment.

Costa Rica is generally regarded as one of the most visited destinations by surfers from all over the world thanks to its world-class waves, good weather, infrastructure, great food and wonderful welcoming people. This country was blessed by mother nature with two beautiful coastlines, one belongs to the Caribbean Sea and the other to the Pacific Ocean, and both holds a variety of surf breaks that gives visitors the opportunity of exploring surfing from entry-level to advanced levels.
Normally the Caribbean coast will have big and consistent surf during the months of December, January & February, and some more “swells” will kick in later on in June & July.  Then the waves at the Pacific coast will be smaller in those same 3 months (Dec, Jan, Feb) and will then start getting bigger and more consistent from March and all the way till November, having of course small days in between.
Surf Synergy Surf Academy & Resort is located in Costa Rica’s surfing “epicenter”, the Central Pacific area, one of the most consistent (if not the most) in the country, where our Coaches will find the right wave to satisfy your surfing desire and if you are an experienced surfer you will have the right guidance to “score” epic sessions!

Our favorite surf spots catered to you.


Boca Barranca, the third-longest left in the world with a run of approximately 950 meters and big swells from the South. We access this break by land after a drive of almost an hour from Surf Synergy surf resort. It is best surfed during low tide and is geared toward more experienced surfers.Our “Secret Spot” is located south of Boca Barranca in Punta Caldera. That’s about all we can tell you since after all, it IS a secret spot.

Roca Loca. Roca Loca is a break located between Jaco and Hermosa and is about 4 miles from Surf Synergy along the main highway. Many of our guests go for an early morning or late evening jog to look out at the surfers in Roca Loca, and the ones with enough stamina for the heat and humidity can jog back to cool off in our pool.

Roca Loca is a very good right in the Guapinol Bay with a powerful wave. Its entrance is a narrow rock channel and the wave is not very consistent. There is an indicator wave visible from the top of Surf Synergy that indicates whether Roca Loca is “going off”. It is a 4 – 12 foot wave for experienced surfers only and frequented by many locals.

El Gato, discovered by Carlos Villalobos “Kile” who was one of the first most renowned surfers in the area. El Gato is a good, strong left that breaks to the south of Guapinol Bay, surfed mostly by locals. The break is inconsistent, and only from the south. The waves rise 3 – 10 feet, and the sea bottom is rocky.


Playa Hermosa is known as one of the most consistent beaches in the world with a length of approximately 8km and many breaks to choose from along the wave. Our surf guides are often found training at Playa Hermosa in the morning and evenings and are happy to share their knowledge of the breaks with our experienced and true intermediate guests.

There are strong currents which discourage many beginners from paddling out and the waves can reach 2 to 10 feet and higher. The bottom is mostly sand and the swell comes from just about any direction.

Many guests of Surf Synergy enjoy traveling with the guides and experienced guests to sit on the beautiful black sand beaches and watch the incredible display of surfing by locals and visitors while taking in breath-taking scenery.

Esterillos is a beautiful beach with powerful currents and undertows which make it unsafe for swimming. The waves break pretty far out, but are fairly consistent and particularly good for longboarders. The swells come from the north, northwest, and south, and the bottom is sand and rocks.

While there are many breaks as you continue along the map, we focus primarily in the areas outlined above, with some secret spots accessible by boat that the guides can take you to when the conditions are good for those areas.