Join us for a week-long vacation in paradise with your coworkers learning, sharing, bonding and unifying. Surf Synergy Academy has a program specifically designed for you and your company. A corporate retreat that strike that perfect balance of work and fun, that certainly won’t feel like a typical office meeting that just happens to be in a new location.

Enjoy some time with nature and fitness. Get the chance to clarify your company’s goals and missions, employee roles, and your company culture while offering a team bonding experience through this retreat that is engaging, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.

We have an easily accessible, affordable and stress-free Retreat Center in Costa Rica that addresses what you seek in a working vacation: Fun, Physically Active, Healthy Food, Adventure, Growth, and Beauty.

Why a Corporate Retreat?

When employees feel that their mental health is prioritized through a retreat, they feel more willing to contribute to the goals of the company and expend more energy. A retreat also allows employers to learn more about their staff and how best to relate to them in the workplace.

One of our pillars is to create an environment where people are challenged to push themselves out of their comfort zone and achieve things beyond their dreams – Surf Synergy offers a destination work/vacation that exemplifies this mindset. Our main goal is to help you reinforce a healthy balance between work  and active lifestyle for everyone, let your employees have fun while doing it, and an experience of a lifetime with your team.


We Help You Improve Productivity

Small business owners can improve productivity by investing in a company retreat. Simply getting away from the stressful atmosphere of the workplace can do a world of good. Your employees can work only so hard before cracking. A company retreat allows them to regroup and rediscover their passion for their work.
Package Price: $20,000

Includes 12 people ($600 per extra person) / Full Immersion Package / Max 18 people per retreat

Schedule tailored made for your group. Including:

- Surf Lessons 

- Paddle boarding / race 

- Group hiking

- Meditation sessions  / massage sessions 

- Bring a motivational speaker or an industry expert to deliver a speech.

- Cooking classes and wine tasting ( optional) 

- ATV tour

What's Included?

- Airport transfers

- 6 nights in a shared twin or queen room, with private bathroom

- 6 nights full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner provided) 

- Daily workouts (CF box, beach and pool WODs) 

- 1 Ice baths and 1 massage on site

- Daily yoga/ mobility sessions 

- 1 breathing technique lessons 

- Drinking water, natural juice and fruits during the day .

- 4 surf lessons with video analysis

- 1 Guided group hike

Five Star Cuisine

Chef Pedro Vargas offers a diverse menu option during your stay:
  • Detox medical Medium Protocol
  • Vegan fitness
  • Confort Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic menu available or request

A Five Star Experience