Surf Coaching In Costa Rica

Beginner and Intermediate surfers
Learn Faster with Surf Synergy.

We get you up and
riding Fast!
What level entry are you?

Entry Level One

Never surfed before or only tried a few times.

Entry Level Two

Starting to catch and surf unbroken waves.

Intermediate Level One

Consistent take-offs and can ride the shoulder.

Intermediate Level Two

Working on producing speed and basic maneuvers like cutbacks.

Entry Level and Intermediate Surfers Learn Faster with
Surf Synergy.


Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Entry Level 1

This is our initiation level, where we help and assist you to learn the fundamental skills in a fun, safe, and supportive manner, wether you’ve always wanted to surf and never had a chance before, or only tried a few times in the past with no substantial results.

We’ll teach you skills such as:

  • How to enter the “baby waves” area
  • Catch white water waves on your own
  • Stand up and ride with proper stance and dismount safely.

Eventually throughout the week-long learning curve you’ll be able to traverse left and right and even move up to the green-wave zone to continue improving.

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Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Entry Level 2

When you start opening your eyes to surfing, you realize that the art of gliding on waves is more than just getting up on your feet and riding white water waves, that is just part of the foundational process and we all should go through it at first, but now that you’ve spent enough water time fine-tuning your pop-up & stance, traversing left & right, understanding more about the safety & etiquette aspects of the game and moving more in sync with the rhythm of the ocean, it’s time to take-off on unbroken waves.

Our coaches will walk with you to help you:

  • See the bigger picture on how to move through the lineup,
  • Sharpen your timing when paddling & catching your own waves,
  • Move horizontally on the open face of the wave or “riding down the line” and
  • Perform moderate changes of direction, paving the way to further increasing the level of enjoyment and knowledge, before you get to the next level.
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Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Intermediate Level 1

You’ve been surfing for some time now and have improved lots, yet you haven’t spent the necessary water time to nail every aspect of a well executed surfing performance, so you find yourself surprised when watching yourself on video! It has happened to all of us.
There’s always a way to up your game, and we can help you:

  • read & use the waves in a more accurate way
  • achieve self-awareness while surfing and making the board go in the right directions in order to draw lines that are actually pleasant to watch.

Our coaches will be happy to help you work on those techniques & tactics that will allow you to surf in a more dynamic way, performing basic maneuvers and even enabling you to access bigger waves, looking and feeling better.

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Costa Rica Surf Retreat

Advanced Surfers

Nearby Playa Hermosa offers multiple breaks (Roca Loca, El Gato, El Peladero, Los Almendros, La Chanchera, La Curva also called “Corners” and Tulin) and is where we generally take our more experienced guests.

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An Immersive Experience

Our Proven Method

Our holistic approach to surfing contemplates the foundational factors of a good surfer's development with the wellness pillar added to it in order to help you achieve your full surfing potential and best self.  At Surf Synergy, you’ll be immersed in:

  • General Surf Knowledge
  • Surf Safety & Etiquette 
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Pool Paddling & Duck Diving
  • Stretching & Mobility
  • Personalized Video Analysis
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Surf Forecasting
  • Good Nutrition
  • Dry Land Simulation
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Home to some of the best breaks in the world. 

Of all tropical countries, Costa Rica is one of the most recommended for its ecotourism, wonderful people, cleanliness, and welcoming spirit.

Many people don’t realize that Costa Rica is home to some of the best breaks in the world, with consistent surfing year-round. The waves on the Pacific side of Costa Rica tend to be smaller during their “summer,” which runs from December through February.

March through May generally offers the biggest waves and is when the “Big Air” and night surfing contests are held in Jaco/Hermosa. The instructors know where to find a good break any time of year, as there are 22 breaks to choose from near our resort.

We Pick You Up

 Surf Synergy begins by being greeted by our drivers at the international airport in San Jose.

We Drive You Here

We then shuttle you along a scenic two-hour drive to the small surf town of Jaco Beach.

You Surf

A one of a kind surf coaching experience tailored to your personal goals and needs.

Be sure to talk to your surf guides and instructors about the best breaks for the time of year you visit us.