Surf Excursions

Surf, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. 

“Surf, eat, sleep & repeat” is the mission’s motto.

Let local knowledge guide you in the right direction in order to access remote spots and waves that otherwise wouldn’t be as easy to get to.

From an all inclusive boat trip where we could visit many spots on a given day and even stay on board to keep exploring, to an off-road adventure with the common goal in mind of finding the nicest places to surf, with the option of staying for the duration of the swell and make the most out of the experience; you’ll be lead on a journey of epic surf sessions, good healthy food and proper rest & recovery that will make up for everlasting memories.

As a side note, we won’t swear you to secrecy or blind fold you to get to some spots as we sometimes say joking, but it’s good to understand that some of these places are still alive thanks to mindful locals and well educated surfers who have kept them secluded from surfers who haven't read the etiquette & safety memo and could potentially be a hazard to others and themselves as well. 


Inquire About a Private Surfing Excursion or Private Trip

Our power catamaran and crew offer a once in a life time experience in Costa Rica. From advance surf excursions to private trips exploring the amazing Costa Rica costline and area, we can make your wishes come true.

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