SUP Flatwater

Stand Up Paddle with Surf Synergy 

Standup Paddle aka SUP, has proven to be one of the fastest growing sports around the world in this day and age, earning its place in the outdoors sports’ hall of fame due to its great 
combination of elements which provides for wellness to body, mind and spirit.

Starting with the cardiovascular benefits of an aerobic exercise, burning lots of calories while increasing balance and coordination; SUP will also aid in stress reduction and help you tap into the great uplifting sense of achievement usually experienced after accomplishing a challenge, and finally bring you to the rewarding feeling of peace and relaxation that paddlers experience after enjoying themselves in the ocean, where also vitamin D levels increase, and the whole body gets a low-impact workout.

Afterwards you will be a better version of yourself since your fitness levels will improve, your immune system will get a boost, your lungs will be happy, your mood will lift up and your mental health will be strengthened. 


Board + Paddle + Water = Pure Vida!


Stand Up Paddle

If you are a SUP enthusiast you know what we’re talking about, and if you are new to the sport, we 
can tell you that we’ve seen SUP change lives for better and for ever. Join us and live the amazing
experience of paddling in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where the water is warm and 
the people too. Let our qualified coaching staff teach you the SUP basics in a fun, safe and 
supportive manner or help you fine-tune your skills as you progress in your endeavors of 
becoming proficient at Recreational, Racing or Surfing Standup Paddling.

You can also enjoy SUP Sessions for advance riders and we will take you to the best breaks for that!