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SUP Surf with Surf Synergy 

Our team includes some of the best Surf and Stand Up Paddle (“SUP”) instructors in Costa Rica. They all are competitive surfers in their own right, many holding national titles themselves; but they focused mostly on our guests' experiences and sharing that amazing moment when our students catch their first wave or accomplish whatever personal Surfing or SUP goals they may have.


An Immersive Experience

SUP Surf

Although Standup Paddling seems to be more popular in the areas of recreational flat & open water, touring and racing, the sport actually originated as an offshoot of traditional surfing and became a sport of its own.

An alternative, super fun and challenging way to glide into the waves. A discipline which became appealing to many for various reasons, to mention a few:

  • Able to foresee the waves thanks to the preset standing position, which saves the “popping-up” part of the process. This allows the surfer to enter the wave at an earlier stage also powered by the paddle which works as an extension of the body and provides the surfer with an extra element to enhance performance, making it easier to get more pivoting capability
  • Momentum & stability
  • Making it easier to navigate through “mushy sections”, steer the board to get it on trim easier and stabilize the body when needed, by planting or skimming the paddle’s blade in the water.
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An alternative, super fun and challenging way to glide into the waves. Board + Paddle + Water = Pure Vida!