Amber Brown
Our family just spent a week at Surf Synergy, and we’ve all decided it was the best vacation we’ve ever had. I have to admit, I went into the trip with a bit of hesitancy. I had never tried surfing and didn’t see myself as someone who fit the sport. My goal was to have fun and just stand up on a surf board by week’s end. Instead, the phenomenal coaches at Surf Synergy had our whole family up our first time out. They made it safe and fun and insured we felt completely addicted right from the start. Each day, Marcel and David reviewed our lesson with video analysis to fix mistakes and fine tune our skills. That, paired with the morning yoga, breathing classes, relaxation massages, and impeccable food, made it an an unforgettable experience. We also went home with daily videos and a family photo album documenting our entire vacation. But the most rewarding part of the trip by far was the connections we made with the coaches and staff. We had not expected to go home with so many new friends. Many, many thanks to everyone at Surf Synergy. We can’t wait to come back!
Corina Lindley
As a family we have been "trying out" surfing for the past 8 years, usually getting a one-hour lesson refresher when we were on a vacation with surfable waves. In May 2021, our family had a full week at Surf Synergy, Costa Rica determined to become more than just beginners. This week was hands down our bestfamily vacation and experience, the coaches were extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and scoped out the best conditions for us to learn. We must say the surf locations we trained at were the best wave/water conditions compared to any of our other surf experiences. The lodging, breakfast and accommodations were quientessential surfer style and we had several loved local excursions including an afternoon on ATVs and one ziplining. Nearly daily yoga kept our bodies pliable to take on the next day of adventures. And Ohhhh we miss the fresh seafood and all the great local restaurants in Jaco and nearby. Thanks to all the staff at Surf Synergy who made this an amazing experience!
Chris Lindley
Our family surf trip to Costa Rica with Surf Synergy could not have been better. We had the time of our lives! We all saw dramatic improvements in our surfing, we loved the coaching, staff, food, and amenities. We spent more time together having fun than we have at any other family vacation. We will be back every year!
Jordan Weinacker
I had a fantastic time at Surf Synergy! Marcel and Kandice and the crew provided excellent service in all categories! I will most definitely be back again!
Mark Henninger
What an incredible experience! Between the beautiful grounds, the outstanding food, and hospitality, not to mention their kind and patient instructors, it was just an excellent time for both myself and my daughter. My daughter excelled with the help of Anna and Marcel and got the best waves of her life. They go far beyond just pushing you into white water, they teach surf etiquette, how and when to start paddling for different types of waves, and then analyze it all with video feedback sessions. Very professional and far from the typical 2-hour learn-to-surf lessons. We will be back! Go to Surf Synergy in Costa Rica- you'll love it!
I stayed at the Vista Guapa Surf Camp for a week in May 2019 with a friend. Kandace, the general manager, and David, the surf instructor, made the vacation amazing. They take excellent care and maintenance of the camp, which is in a clean, comfortable, and in a convenient location to the town of Jaco. Even better, they treated us to a truly personalized experience- great surf lessons, trips to local restaurants, and an insiders view on Jaco and Costa Rica. Kandace took care of our activities, making sure that we were confirmed and well-attended for zip lining, ATVing, waterfall repelling, etc. David is an amazing surf instructor. He truly cares about technique, safety, and having fun in the water. If you are a beginner, you WILL be up and surfing. If you are more experience, you WILL be surfing bigger and more challenging waves. Breakfasts in the morning were well-prepared. The pool, work out area, and yoga area were nice. I can’t wait to go back!
Surfing for the first time was daunting, but I was riding waves on day 1 thanks to Marcel. Marcel’s knowledge and passion for surfing was evident and constant throughout our lesson. He provided clear instruction and feedback that allowed me to progress exponentially. I walked away feeling accomplished and wanting more. I couldn’t have asked for a better surfing instructor!
William Sheldon
I began to work on a lifelong hope of learning to surf when I was past 70 years old, and meeting and working with Marcel has been perhaps the key element in my progression and love of the sport. I write this testimonial from several different perspectives. I am a former college professor and the former Director of my college’s Teaching/Learning Center and from that perspective I know what is great teaching. Marcel is a gifted and caring educator who has both a natural ability to impart knowledge and a passion and love of seeing his students succeed. I also spent four or five years as a certified snowboard instructor. From that perspective I know that there are researched and studied methods of progressing students learning demanding physical sports. Marcel is a several time certified International Surf Association Instructor and Coach and one of the aspects I was most impressed about with Marcel was the tehnical and detailed manner in which he took me through the various steps in my growth and progression. From my perspective as a successful Master’s amateur mountain bike racer (former age group NY state champion) one of the things that I most appreciated was Marcel’s knowledge of and attention to sophisticated athletic principles – – a thorough and enjoyable warm up, techniques in breathing and recovery, a constant input and direction of small details of focus and body position. And finally from my perspective of just a human being, Marcel is a delight to be around and work with. He is funny, charming, articulate, and above all caring. All the students I know who have worked with Marcel have come away with the same wonderful accomplishments that I have experienced. I am delighted that he is now creating his own Surf Synergy Academy and I have no doubt that his excellence, caring, and focus will resonate throughout the whole experience that anyone at any level will have there.