How To Determine What Surfing Skill Level You Are For Your Trip

November 18, 2021

So you have stumbled upon the amazing and immersive Costan Rican Surf Academy, Surf Synergy! You know you want to book a trip for one week but are not sure what surfing class to sign up for. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, so which level is right for you? Let’s break down the four surfing levels at Surf Synergy: Entry Level One, Entry Level Two, Intermediate Level One, and Intermediate Level 2.

Entry Level One

If you have never surfed before or have only surfed once or twice, a great place to start at Surf Synergy’s Surfing Academy is Entry Level One. In this program, you will learn the fundamental skills of how to surf such as foot placement, posture, weight distribution, and balance. Learning how to stand up on your board, ride, and dismount properly is vital to set you up to surf safely and catch some waves! Once you have the basics down of maneuvering your board you will be taught how to enter the “baby waves” area and how to catch white water waves! By the end of the week, you will be able to move your board left and right and may move up to the green-wave zone.

Entry Level Two

In Entry Level Two you will learn how to catch unbroken waves. You will work on seeing the bigger picture, timing your paddling, and moving with the motion of the ocean. You will also learn how to “ride down the line” and become more familiar with the motions and surfing lingo. Once you have mastered catching your own waves, you are ready for the next level!

Intermediate Level One

Intermediate Level One is a level to perfect everything you learned in Entry Levels One and Two. This level is for someone who already knows how to look for their own waves and catch them. You will be working on consistency, riding the shoulder, accurately reading the waves, being aware of your body, the water, and your board, and drawing visually appealing lines. By the end of this level, you will be riding bigger waves and looking fantastic doing it!

Intermediate Level Two

This level is an advanced level that will focus on your speed, form, mobility, as well as teach you how to do cutbacks if you don’t know already. Now that you are an experienced surfer you will also have access to some of the breaks around Jaco Beach that are more difficult and produce larger waves! Woo hoo!

There is a spot for everyone at Surf Synergy no matter the level of surfing experience. Remember that repeating a level or staying at a certain skill level is totally okay! It’s better to get familiar with the beginner maneuvers than move up a level before you are ready. The coaches at Surf Synergy are fun to work with and will always help you with your technique and recollecting your surf knowledge! Now that you have a better idea of what each level at Surf Synergy has to offer, it’s time to book your session! Contact Surf Synergy today to book your surfing trip in Costa Rica!

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