Surf Synergy’s 4-Day Immersion Package

December 16, 2021

Who doesn’t want to take a vacation to Costa Rica? Whether a solo trip or with your family, Surf Synergy has the best all-inclusive package deals for you to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery and activities that Costa Rica has to offer! Surf Synergy Costa Rica offers both a 4 day and a 7 day surf immersion package. Let’s dive into what is included in these package deals!

For The Love Of Food

One of the best parts about Surf Synergy’s Surf Immersion Packages is that they come with food included! During your 4-night stay at Surf Synergy you will be served a 5-star, fresh and healthy meal 3 times a day. The meals provided will be both delicious and nutritious as our chefs aim to keep your surfing performance at its best while you are there! Even better? Beer and wine are included!


Transportation to and from the Surf Synergy resort will be a breeze. Surf Synergy will pick you up from the Juan Santamaría International Airport located in Costa Rica’s capital of San José as well as shuttle you back after your trip. Along the ride you will be able to enjoy a 2 hour scenic drive until you reach your destination at Jaco Beach! There will be free bike rentals available for you once you reach Surf Synergy so you can explore the area during your time in this beautiful coastal area!

Daily Surf Lessons

After a great breakfast and a yoga class, you’ll be ready to hit the water! The 4-day Immersion Package includes a 2 hour daily professional surf lesson with the amazing coaches at Surf Synergy. Not only will you be met at whatever skill level you are at when you arrive, but professional photography and videography are included with your package that are used to review your form with a coach to better your surfing strategy. You can keep the photos and videos taken during your trip to remember the memories you made or brag to your coworkers about your amazing vacation!

Extra Extravaganza

Another cool feature of the 4-day immersion package is that it comes with 1 extra, off-site Costa Rican excursion. You can choose to go ziplining, ride ATVs, stand-up paddleboarding, or horseback riding! Adding any one of these activities to your trip will surely become the cherry on top to your Costa Rican vacation!

Other Perks

A few other bonuses of the immersion package include breath training sessions that will help you with control and balance as you surf. The lessons you learn during these breath training sessions can be taken away with you into your day to day life as well to help you manage stress or with other active hobbies you pick up. After a long trip on the water and staying active, your muscles will be ready for a break. Your immersion package includes one professional massage to loosen up those muscles and joints that might be a little sore after 

It’s about time you treat yourself to a vacation! Visit the Surf Synergy website today for pricing and more information about what can be available to you during your stay at Jaco Beach. Buy your 4-day immersion package today and have so many things to look forward to tomorrow!
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