5 Surfing Tips For Beginners

If you are looking for something new to try this summer, surfing is a great hobby to pick up. Surfing gets you outdoors, gets you active, and you might even make some new friends! At Surf Synergy we have a passion for this incredible sport and love getting people out on the water to experience the joys of surfing themselves. There are a few basic things that every surfer should know, including you!


Less Is More

When thinking about where to start your surfing journey, you might be tempted to jump right into the most popular surf spots that you know of in your area. Popular surf spots are fun, but they are not ideal if you are wanting to work on your technique. A busier area means more people and less waves for you to catch. Going a bit off the beaten path to a less crowded area is a great idea for beginner surfers or for surfers wanting to master a certain trick!


Pop Ups

In order to catch a wave, you will need to know how to pop up or stand up on your board on a forming wave. You can think of a pop up as a somewhat of a controlled push up. Place both of your hands on either side of the board and push up to a standing position, moving your dominant foot to the front of your board. Practicing your pop up form on the beach before hitting the water can help your pop ups be smoother in action. Perfecting a smooth and quick pop up on your board will make catching waves much easier!


Perfect Your Paddle

Paddling is a big part of surfing. Many beginner surfers make the mistake of being either too far back or too far forward on their board when paddling. This can cause the front of your board to go underwater, make your board flip, or slow you down. Find the middle of your board and mark it with some wax so that you can find the sweet spot of your board every time you paddle!


Save Your Spine

When you start surfing you may think that arching your back feels comfortable or will help you to control your board better, however this is not the case. Keeping a strong core and straight back is vital to having a healthy surfing stance. Bending your knees instead of your back will give you better balance on your board and will also help to absorb some of the energy from the wave, allowing you to work better with the wave!


Fall Flat

Falling off of your board is inevitable. When you do find yourself falling off of your board, you should always try to fall flat on your side or your back to avoid injury as best as possible. Avoid diving head first or feet first as this can cause serious injury if you hit a rock underwater. Always try to cover your head and face as you are breaking the water’s surface in case there is rough terrain beneath the surface or if your board gets thrown back at you!

Are you ready to get out on the water and start surfing this summer? Our expert surfing coaches at Surf Synergy can help you get the basics down, improve your form, or teach you a few tricks if you have surfed before. Surf Synergy also offers recordings of your surf sessions that our coaches will review with you in order to help you visualize what you are doing correctly and how your technique can improve. Contact Surf Synergy today to book your next surfing excursion!

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